Publication Fee

The corresponding author of each accepted paper is required to pay Article Processing Charge (APC) before the accepted paper is published online. Published papers appear electronically and are freely available from the journal website. We are non-profitable organization, however, to support the cost of wide dissemination of research results through publication of journal articles, production and maintenance of archives in database, the corresponding author is requested to pay publication fee for their full paper (There is no individual author fee) as mentioned below,

Publication fees structure for a full paper:

  • Indian Author: Rs.10,000 (WEF: March 2019)
  • Foreign Author: $300

We are accepting only direct cash deposit to bank account or online money transfer by internet banking. Cash, DD, Cheques are not accepted.  

Next step after making payment

We request you to make the payment within a week of time after receiving the acceptance letter and invoice. 

After making payment, Send an email to, email should contain the following details,

  • Scanned copy of transaction slip or deposit slip along with manuscript code written on the slip.
  • Details of the branch from which fee deposited, date of deposit this information will be helpful to confirm your payment.

Note: Without agreeing the terms and conditions and digitally accepting the copyright form online the paper will not be selected for publication and will not get published. Always quote your submission ID in communication. 

Any Queries:

Please do not hesitate to contact us or WhatsApp at +91 863 999 8031 or email for any further information or assistance you may require.