Published: Oct 13, 2021

Awareness and Practice of Radiation Protection Protocols Followed in Dental Clinics-A Survey

2297-2302 Simone Shah, Dhanraj Ganapathy

Results of non-surgical treatment of isolated closed tibial shaft fractures

2303-2307 Nizam Ahmed, Madan Lal, Niaz Hussain Keerio, Ghazanfar Ali Shah, Aftab Alam Khanzada, Muhammad Rafique Joyo, Syed Shahid Noor

Effects of paroxetine on biochemical parameters and reproductive function in male rats

2308-2315 Rachid Mosbah, Aziez Chettoum, Alberto Mantovani

Effect of Cervical Mobilization and Transcutaneous Supraorbital Nerve Stimulation in Migraine Without Aura

2316-2324 Raghumahanti Raghuveer, Sonali Marbate, Ruchi

Result of high Fibular Osteotomy (HFO) in Osteoarthritis knee

2325-2329 Ajmal Khan Silro, Muhammad Faraz Jokhio, Mohsin Aijaz Soomro, Raheel Akbar Baloch, Niaz Hussain Keerio, Najeeb Ur Rehman, Syed Shahid Noor

Serum 25 hydroxycholecalciferol levels throughout pregnancy - A cross-sectional study in South Indian Pregnant Women

2330-2334 Julie Christy A, Saraswathi Perumal, Sumathy G

Invitro Membrane Stabilizing Potentials Of Fractionates Of Ethanolic Extract of Carica Papaya Leaf

2335-2341 Ojongbede Onose, Naiho Alexender Obidike, Nwogueze Bartholomew Chukwuebuka, Ofulue Ofioritse Ogheneyoma, Daubry Tarela Melish Elias, Olowe Gideon Temitope, Ebuwa Emmanuel Ikemefune

Association of ABO and RH Blood Groups with Diabetes

2342-2344 Falah Mahdi Thahad, Rasmiya Hadi Basal, Athar Hassan Abdullah

Exploring quality control standards and potential antibacterial property of different extracts of the root of Physalis minima L.

2350-2360 Dibyendu Shil, Tanmay Sarma, Saumendu Deb Roy, Jashabir Chakraborty, Smriti Rekha Chanda Das, Trishna Das, Taslima Akhter Rohman

Assessment of Cognitive function and Complications in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

2361-2365 Vishnupriya R, Mridu Mariam Daniel, Robin Jacob Abraham, Anand Kumar Shah, Sheethal Kuriakose, Dinesh Kumar Anand

Neuroprotective effects of Huperzine-A in aluminum induced neurotoxicity in hippocampus of mice

2366-2373 Nilesh Kumar Mitra, Aathi Selvanayagam

Innovative Method Development Comprehensive Separation of Impurities and Validation for a novel Antipsychotic Drug Blonanserin

2374-2382 Annapoorna V, Ravindhranath K, Sreenivasa Rao B, Rao P Y G, Venugopal K

Optimization of Silver Nanoparticles Production using Aspergillus niger and Study of Antimicrobial Activity

2383-2388 Suguna Selvakumaran, Kayathri Marimuthu, Thiruvany Poopalan, Kalaiyarasi Tamil Selvan, Nozieana Khairuddin

Retrospective Analysis of Hematological Parameters in Covid Positive Pregnancy

2389-2394 Sivasundari Maharajan, Nimrah Amthul, Dhanvarsha Sumaldha

Prevalence Of Post Partum Depression Among Postnatal Women At A Tertiary Care Centre Using Edinburgh Post Partum Depression Scale

2395-2399 Sivasundari Maharajan, Dhanvarsha Sumaldha Subbiah Ramkumar, Nimrah Amthul, Shrutiravali

Prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among General Population in South India - A Cross-Sectional Study

2400-2405 Yamuna Devi M. S., Shanmugapriya S, Kaavya S

Prevalence of depression, anxiety and stress in gynaecologists working during COVID-19 pandemic - In private practitioners at Tamilnadu

2406-2410 Parimala A, Rajalekshmi M, Nasreen Banu M

Assessment of Medication Adherence and Health-Related Quality of Life in Chronic Liver Disease Patients

2426-2433 Sudhamshu K Tantry, Ruhana, Mary Daborah, Amal Mathew, Noah M Bose

Management of Early Avascular necrosis of femoral head with Core Decompression and Platelet Rich Plasma infiltration

2434-2440 Aditya Pundkar, Sandeep Shrivastav, Swapnil Date

Effects of Onopordum acanthium L., seeds extracts on serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha and angiotensin-converting enzyme in hyperlipidemic and diabetic rats

2441-2453 Husni Abdulla Mhammad, Amad M. Saleh Jubrail, Malika Kassim Najeeb

Gagging Assessment Scale: A Reliable Tool For Assessing Association Between Gagging And Dental Fear In Children Prior Dental Treatment- A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study

2469-2484 Pragyna Priyadarshini, Deepa Gurunathan

Studies on forced degradation and solid state stability of tenofovir disoproxil orotate

2485-2491 Nageswara Rao Jakkam, Sudhakar Chintakula, Sreenivasa Rao Battula

Assessment of Regulatory Strategies for Orphan Drug Development and Approval Process in USA & EU

2492-2500 Sadiq Basha G, Srinivasan R

Synthesis and Characterization of Cadmium with Titanium Oxide (Cd-TiO2) Nanocomposite: Testing its Antibacterial Effect

2523-2529 Daniel Sam N, Anish C I, Sabeena G, Rajaduraipandian S, Manobala, Annadurai G, Jaya Rajan M

To Evaluate Aloe Vera- Chitosan Based Surgical Dressing to Chitosan Dressing Alone on the Healing of Palatal Donor Sites - A Pilot Study

2530-2540 Archana R Sankar, Sheela Kumar Gujjari, Kulkarni P K

Scapulectomy for Fibromatosis – Ocological and Functional Outcomes

2541-2547 Shanmugasundaram Gouthaman, Mohan Choudhary B, Chandiralekha S, Dorai Kumar R, Jagadesh Chandra Bose

Anti-inflammatory effect of Helix aspersa extracts in sephadex-induced model of lung inflammation: possible modulation of neutrophils

2557-2565 Mebirouk Romeila, Naimi Dalila

A Review on The Complications and Management of Osteoporosis

2345-2349 Mohsin Aijaz Soomro, Raheel Akbar Baloch, Najeeb ur Rehman, Niaz Hussain Keerio, Muhammad Faraz Jokhio, Ajmal Khan Silro, Syed Shahid Noor

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic and reverse migration of workers during lock down their health and prevention

2411-2415 Milind Abhimanyu Nisargandha, Shweta Dadarao Parwe

Viruddha ahara and its management - A review article

2416-2420 Manish Rajak, Praveen Kumar, Ramesh Prasad

COVID-19 Menace: Stepwise Measures with Respect to Diet

2421-2425 Monali G Kurhadkar, Renu Rathi, Bharat Rathi, Sandesh Khobragade

Medicinal Plants with Cardioprotective Potency and Some Possible Cardiac Biomarkers for Monitoring and Diagnosing Myocardial Infarction: A Review

2454-2459 Ajah O., Omodamiro O. D., Christian E. Odo

Review of Jatwadi Dhoom Agad as a proposed fumigation product for mosquito repellent and antimicrobial action

2460-2468 Suryajeet H Pawar, Abhijit B Patil, Manasi Deshpande, Trupti Patil, Sharvari Jawale

Ayurvedic Concept of Vega of Visha - A Review Article

2501-2506 Praveen Kumar, Manish Rajak, Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma

Neoteric Approaches for Extraction of Bioactives from Marine Macroflora

2507-2518 Mohini Anandrao Salunke, Balaji Sopanrao Wakure, Pravin Shridhar Wakte

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Its Suitability as an Adjuvant for Treatment of Covid-19 Patients: A Review

2548-2556 Sameera Dawar, Meena Jain

Curcumin therapy: Immune booster in present and post-pandemic (COVID-19) Era

2566-2572 Shubha P, Shyamsundar S, Manjunatha H B