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This research manuscript describe simple, sensitive, accurate, precise and repeatable RP-UPLC method for the simultaneous determination of Metronidazole (MET) and Ofloxacin (OFL) in suspension dosage form. The sample was analyzed by reverse phase C18 column (Purospher Star 100×2.1 mm, Merck Specialities) as stationary phase and Phosphate Buffer: Acetonitrile (85:15, v/v) as a mobile phase and PH of 3. 0 adjusted by Triethylamine and ortho-phosphoric acid at a flow rate of 0. 4 ml/min. Quantification was achieved with PDA detector at 318 nm. The retention time for Metronidazole and Ofloxacin was found to be 1.131 and 1.658 minute respectively. The linearity for both the drugs was obtain in the concentration range of 5-35 µg/ml and 2. 5-17.5 µg/ml with mean accuracies 99.73 ± 0.05 and 99.13 ± 0.41 for Metronidazole and Ofloxacin, respectively. The method was successfully applied to pharmaceutical formulation because no chromatographic interferences from suspension excipients were found. The method retained its accuracy and precision when the standard addition technique was applied.


Combined dosage forms Metronidazole Method validation Ofloxacin RP-UPLC

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Arvadiya Alpesh C, Patel Nirav B, & Desai Hemant T. (2012). Development and validation of RP-UPLC method for simultaneous estimation of metronidazole and ofloxacin in their combine dosage form. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 3(1), 57-61. Retrieved from