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To evaluate the efficacy & safety of tamsulosin alone versus tamsulosin plus tadalafil combination as expulsive medical treatment of distal ureteric calculus. From March 2015 utile March 2017, two hundred patients (one hundred thirty males and seventy females), who attended the outpatient urology clinic and presented with stones size 5 to 10 mm in distal ureteric part, have been randomly allocated into two equal treatment groups. Group A treated with tamsulosin alone, and group B treated with tamsulosin plus tadalafil. Both treatments were given for a maximum of six weeks’ duration. The rate and time to the calculous passage, type of analgesic use, adverse effects of the drugs, number of outpatient urology clinic visits for pain, and follow-up were noted. Both treatment groups have higher expulsion rate with a lower time to expulsion with no statistically significant differences between them (p=0.350, p=0.074, respectively). Group B showed a significantly lower rate in admission to the hospital for pain and need for analgesia than in group A. no dangerous adverse events had been observing in both groups. Additional benefit seen in group B was the improvement in erectile function regarding male patients. Using tamsulosin and tadalafil as an expulsive medical treatment for distal ureteric calculous is safe and efficacious. Such combination therapy may provide additional advantages in cases of erectile dysfunction co-exist with distal ureteric calculi.


Urinary calculi Tamsulosin Tadalafil

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Ahmed Abdulameer Alwan, Hussain T. Ajeel, & Ahmed Hamza Abd. (2019). A comparative study for the effectiveness of Tamsulosin alone versus Tamsulosin plus Tadalafil combination as an expulsive medical treatment in the management of lower ureteric calculous in Al-Diwaniyah teaching hospital . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1551-1555.