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The general upgrading of polymer denture base material and research continuously looking for ideal restorative dental material with better properties, adequate esthetic properties, less expensive and easier to handle material to develop photo polymerization dental materials. This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of addition polyamide on mechanical microparticle properties light cure denture base material. One hindered sixty specimens from light-cured acrylic resin (Aurora). The divided mainly into four groups according to test used (Transverse strength test, impact strength test, hardness test and tensile strength test) with 40 specimens for each group. The results show an increase in Transverse strength, impact strength, hardness and tensile strength in all experimental group when compared to control group the highest mean values for all tests included in the study appeared in group B 1% polyamide. The addition of polyamide microparticle improves transverse, tensile, impact strength and hardness properties of denture base material.


Polyamide Transverse strength Impact strength Hardness Light cured acrylic

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Adnan R. Al Assal, Abdalbaset A Fatalla, Mohammed Moudhaffar, & Ghasak H Jani. (2019). The effect of polyamide microparticles addition on some mechanical prop-erties of light-cured acrylic resin . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1464-1469.