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Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowers and Murraya koenigii leaves have been reported to have the potential to control hair loss. The aim was to develop a formulation containing extracts of both herbs and test its safety and efficacy to control hair loss. Both herbs have been extracted using a suitable solvent and then incorporated into the oil phase of an oil in water microemulsion. It has been optimized for its oil phase: surfactant concentration: water phase ratio and then characterized for its particle size, zeta potential, drug release in vitro, ex vivo. Primary skin irritation and Qualitative hair growth studies have been carried out to determine the safety and efficacy of the formulation respectively. The hair growth potential has also been compared against a standard marketed formulation. The optimized microemulsion was non-irritant and had a greater efficacy to control hair loss than the standard.


Herbal microemulsion hair loss Hibiscus rosa sinensis Murraya koenigii

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Nalini S. Kurup, & Priyanka R. Joshi. (2013). Formulation and evaluation of herbal microemulsion for controlling hair loss. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4(3), 420-426. Retrieved from