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Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorder characterized by a complete lack of insulin, a relative lack of insulin, or insulin resistance. In response to the need for better control of diabetes, several new classes antidiabetic drugs were introduced. Among these are Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors which are used to treat the Type II Diabetes mellitus by inhibiting the Alpha Glucosidase enzymes in the small intestine. The biological half-life of Miglitol is 2 Hrs and by conventional dosage form it requires oral administration of three times daily. Hence to overcome this problem, we developed controlled release formulation of Miglitol loaded nanoparticles will help to release the drug in continuously for 12 Hrs. The effect of newly formulated Miglitol loaded nanoparticles was studied in diabetic rates. Diabetes was induced by streptozotocin in Wistar rats. At first, Maltose was administered orally to all the groups. Along with maltose, the newly formulated Miglitol loaded nanoparticles and marketed conventional release tablets was administered in diabetic rates and Blood glucose was measured at predefined interval. After the initial Maltose load, in the interval of 6 Hrs, Maltose load to the animal was repeated for two more times. After administration of the first maltose load, there was steady attenuation in the plasma glucose values after the same time point in the groups treated with Miglitol formulations. After initial administration of drug, the pharmacological actions are similar for marketed conventional release dosage form and Nanoparticle. However, the conventional release dosage form could not control the peak postprandial plasma glucose after second & third loading of maltose. Whereas, the Nanoparticle formulation significantly (P<0.001) controlled the peak postprandial plasma glucose after second & third loading of maltose.


Eudragit Maltose load Postprandial plasma glucose Type II Diabetes mellitus

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