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Lindernia madayiparense was recently explored new species under the family Linderniaceae. Meanwhile mostly lindernia species were considered as weeds in many countries but now only their therapeutic value was identified and investigated in last few decades. Lindernia species occupy a most important place in the traditional medicine used worldwide especially in china. So our current investigation was to produce a standard protocol for the new species by using WHO recommended methods. The macroscopy, microscopy, physiochemical analysis, preliminary phytochemical screening of the whole plant L.madayiparense was investigated and reported. Transverse section of leaves confirmed the presence of sunken stomata, poorly developed vascular bundle and parenchyma cells. T. S of quadrangular stem and root showed only few sieve tubes, vessels and trachids in the centre region which is surrounded by large compact aerenchyma cells. Physiochemical constants like ash value, extractive value, fluorescence analysis, behaviour with chemical reagents and its moisture content were studied during the investigation. Qualitative phytochemical analysis of the plant confirms presence of alkaloids, steroidal glycosides, saponins, Coumarins, terpenoids, poly phenol and tannins.


L. madayiparense Lindernia macroscopy microscopy physiochemical phytochemical analysis

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