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The objective of this investigation was to study the effect of varied concentration and ratio of egg lecithin, cholesterol and drug (Pramipexole) on physico-chemical characteristics of liposomes prepared by thin film hydration method. Pramipexole-loaded liposomes of egg lecithin were prepared and characterized for vesicle size, TEM, zeta potential, entrapment efficiency (%EE), phospholipid content, in vitro drug release and drug leakage. Liposomes obtained were spherical in shape, 151 to 231 nm in size, and negatively charged (18 to 32 mV). The %EE of pramipexole in the liposomes ranged from 18 to 61%. The effects of variations in cholesterol, egg lecithin and pramipexole contents on the liposomal characteristics were determined. It was found that the liposomes prepared with unimolar ratio of cholesterol, egg lecithin and pramipexole exhibited better characteristics than other liposomal formulation.


Liposomes Pramipexole Egg Lecithin Cholesterol

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Trivedi R.V, Kotgale N.R, Taksande J.B, Wadher K.J, Awandekar N.B, & Umekar M.J. (2017). Influence of egg lecithin composition on physicochemical characteristics of pramipexole liposomes. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 8(1), 6-15. Retrieved from