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The current study aims to explore and identify the screening of formulation components and evaluates the quality issues of nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) for the phenolic secoirodoid Oleuropein. The stepwise screening of the components for preparation of NLCs includes the selection of solid lipid, liquid lipid based on the relative solubility of Oleuropein in different lipids. Polaxomer 188 was selected as the main surfactant for the preparation of NLCs because of its good emulsification efficacy for the solid lipid liquid mix. Lecithin was used to enhance the stability of NLC. The optimized formulation was also evaluated for different quality issues. Thermal analysis by DSC revealed that the lipid particles maintained sufficiently good melting point even after nanonization. Absence of gelation and resilience for the stress provided by autoclaving further established the quality of the developed NLCs. In a nutshell, a systematic protocol was developed for designing of Oleuropein NLC with good particulate parameters of minimum particle size and maximum zeta potential with narrow polydispersity index.


Gelation Oleuropein Particulate Characters Thermal Studies

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Sucharitha P, Satyanarayana SV, & Bhaskar Reddy K. (2019). Development of protocol for screening of formulation attributes and the assessment of common quality problems in oleuropein loaded nanostructured lipid carriers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2), 1382-1391.