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The disorders of the upper extremity and the shoulder is extremely common accounting for 30 % of people who experience shoulder pain and stiffness at some stage of their ageing. A high incidence of shoulder dysfunction is seen in people in recent trends. Shoulder stiffness is the main complication after fracture shoulder immobilization, and Diabetes Mellitus contribute to the frozen shoulder, which is the most typical complication in Diabetes mellitus patients. A case of lateral clavicle fracture with chief complaints of pain on the right shoulder, stiffness around the joint and reduced range of motion was reported to the outpatient physiotherapy department for rehabilitation. A proper assessment was done, and the differential diagnosis was frozen shoulder with supraspinatus tendon tear was reported. The patient also had a reduced range of motion of shoulder abduction and lateral rotation due to frozen shoulder. The investigation of MRI report stated that there is a partial supraspinatus tendon tear. Medical examination of the frozen shoulder confirms the diagnosis. A combination of non-pharmacological treatment with exercises, NSAID and exercise therapy, was planned. He was successfully treated with the combination of physical therapy treatment with the electrotherapy modalities and shoulder girdle mobilization. Comprehensive therapeutic exercises include mobilization of soft tissue using Cyriax technique, peripheral joint mobilization to improve controlled ROM. Mobilization of soft tissue along with home exercise supports patients suffering from frozen shoulder. The treatment primarily aimed at relieving pain and increasing range of motion and thus improving the quality of life in the patient. Only manual therapy alone does not give satisfactory results along with electrotherapeutic modality with proper dose work on the patient.


Combine physical therapy Electrotherapeutic modality Frozen shoulder Lateral fracture of clavicle Shoulder mobilization

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Angela Kapoor. (2021). Comprehensive rehabilitation of Supraspinatus tear: A case study of post-op fracture stiffness. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2248-2251.