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The aim of this analysis is to see how effective a Nanosponge-loaded topical gel is at distributing flurbiprofen through the skin. Flurbiprofen was entrapped in Nanosponge and formulated into a gel for this purpose. Flurbiprofen Nanosponges were developed by solvent evaporation using pluronic F68 and ethyl cellulose. The particle size and entrapment quality were discovered to be in the range of 200-410 nm and 90.94% to 98.68%, respectively. For gel formulation, Nanopsonges with high entrapment efficiency and the smallest particle size (F3) were chosen based on the characterization. Using Guar gum, Carbopol, and HPMC K4M, a total of 6 formulations were produced to determine the sustained drug release and were tested for physiochemical tests, producing positive results. According to the findings of the above in vitro drug release trials, formulations containing carbopol release more drug at the end of 11 hours than other formulations and follow a zero-order with case II transport mechanism.


Flurbiprofen Carbopol Pluronic F68 Ethyl cellulose

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Gangadhara R., Satheesh K. P., Devanna N., Sasikala L., & Vandavasi Koteswara Rao. (2021). Formulation and Invitro characterization of Flurbiprofen loaded Nanosponges. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 1798-1802.