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Anterior ligament is a broad ligament in the knee joint. Anterior ligament tears are one of the commonest injuries occurring to athletes. Numerous studies have investigated the epidemiology and risk factors to anterior Ligament injury. It has been documented that anterior Ligament tears are more common among females. In this review, we presented a collective summary of ligaments variations between genders in normal conditions and in different illnesses. Moreover, we illustrated the different response between genders to trauma and as regards the effect on the ligaments. We also presented a summary of the risk factors and types of injury to the ligaments in response to different modes of trauma. We summarized the most prevalent, recent and evidence-based risk factors of anterior Ligament injuries which include genetic, hormonal, anatomical, environmental, and risk factors. We emphasized on the relationship between age, hormones and the incidence of anterior ligament injuries during puberty, older ages and changes accompanying menstrual cycles. We conclude that risk factors are numerous, but the higher prevalence in females can be predictable based on these factors and therefore preventable. However, further studies are required to deeper investigate the recovery predictive factors after injury and determine better approaches to tackle these risk factors.


Cruciate Ligament Knee Risk Trauma Females Injury

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Yasser Alharbi. (2021). Gender difference in cruciate ligament of the knee in normal condition and the risk to its injury; an updated review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2215-2225.