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An elevation in blood pressure is an important risk factor of cardiovascular disease and several factors that can contribute to hypertension induce psychological distress. This study was aimed at estimating the prevalence of psychological distress and to assess general awareness regarding disease, concomitant substance abuse, and use of herbal drugs among hypertensive patients (HTN-Pt) at Satguru Pratap Singh (SPS) Hospitals, Ludhiana.  The psychological distress was assessed using the standard Kessler-10 scale  along with face-to-face interview among 275 outpatient department (OPD) HTN-Pt on follow-up. 15.30% (n=33) of total participants (n=213) had alcohol use disorders and 8.80% (n=19) of them were addicted to smoking habits. K10 scale results in patients, showed 46.9% (100) patients were suffering from psychological distress out of which 26% (n=56) were having mild, 17% (n=36) moderate and 4% (n=8) patients were having severe psychological distress. Highest percentage (33.80%) of patients with psychological distress were from age group 31-60 years of age (p value=0.003, COR= 0.240, 95% CI 0.072, 0.584). Many HTN-Pt were consuming the herbal supplements out of which 92 % of patients consuming grapes were found to have psychological distress (p value=0.034, COR= 0.380, 95% CI 0.155, 0.930).  The results of the study indicated that there was a high prevalence of psychological distress in HTN-Pt belonging to age group of 31-60 years of age and patients involved in the consumption of grapes. This study asks for supervision on the concomitant administration of herbal supplements with allopathic medicines in HTN-Pt to avoid psychological distress.


Hypertension herbal formulations Psychological distress Kessler-10 grapes

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Maninder Singh, Bikram Singh, & Arshvir Kaur. (2021). Psychological distress and its associated factors in the hypertensive patient (HTN-Pt) in Ludhiana, Punjab: A questionnaire-based retrospective study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2132-2138.