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The present study was aimed to evaluate the effect of Vitamin C (VC) supplementation on hematological parameters in Smokeless Tobacco (ST) chewers.  A total of 338 subjects aged between 31 to 60 years (168 ST chewers and 170 ST non-chewers) participated in the present study. ST chewers were further divided into 3 subgroups with respect to ST chewing duration in years. Subjects of both the groups were examined at the baseline study and after 45 days of supplementation of 1 g of Vitamin C (VC) for hematological parameters.  WBC count (p=0.04), granulocytes % (p=0.0007), HCT (p=0.01) and MCV (p=0.04) were significantly increased whereas, monocytes % (p=0.002) and platelet count (p<0.0001) were significantly decreased in ST chewers as compared to controls. After supplementation of VC, WBC count (p<0.001) and granulocytes % (p<0.0001) were significantly decreased and lymphocytes % (p=0.008), monocytes % (p<0.0001), RBC count (p=0.01) and Hb content (p=0.006) were significantly increased in ST chewers as compared to their baseline values. In conclusion,  the use of ST had deleterious effects on hematological parameters; however, supplementation of 1 g of VC showed protective effects on hematological parameters.


Granulocytes Monocytes Lymphocytes Platelets

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Jaywant S. Thorat, Anand G. Joshi, & Kanchan C. Wingkar. (2021). Effect of vitamin C supplementation on hematological parameters in smokeless tobacco chewers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 12(3), 2088-2094.