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The sudden exposure of COVID-19 has affected more than one hundred million people live and heath across the world. COVID-19 pandemic not only affected the lives of people, and it also affected the functions of Health care systems and also produced an overburden to the Health care systems. During the COVID-19 period, health care workers are affected by psychological problems, especially nurses working in the hospital and protecting the lives of everyone affected with COVID -19 infections. It is important to identify the issues that producing psychological problems among nurses, and it is necessary to support the nurses during their struggle. The researcher considering these issues, did a rapid systematic review to identify the percentage of nurses affected with psychological impact and causes for psychological impacts among nurses during COVID19 outbreaks. The researcher searched Google scholar and Science direct for selecting relevant research articles. The searched the studies based on the title, Study design, population, psychological problems of the nurses like anxiety, depression, fear, stress, sleeping problems, key words of nursing, psychological problems, and COVID-19. A PRISM protocol was used for selecting relevant research articles. According to the systematic review, the result shows that 26.4% of the nurses had depression, 40.8% had anxiety, and 42.7% had somatic symptoms, 50.5% had stress, and 91.2% had fear. The nurses are at risk of psychological problems and physical problems as being due to Covid-19. Effective intervention should be planned on nurses' issues, and it helps to strengthen the mental health of nurses.


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Aruna Jothishanmugam, Sithara Begum, Amani Abdelgader Mohammed Abdelgader, Hawa Ibrahim Abd AllaHamid, & Nagla Abdelmonim Abdelrahim Abdalghani. (2020). Psychological impact of COVID-19 outbreak on nurses: A systematic review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1905-1913.