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COVID-19 sudden outburst is declared as a serious public medical health issue worldwide by WHO, in March 2020. The first case of COVID-19 was seen officially in Wuhan City, China, in December 2019. It’s a pandemic to which all the countries has to take action in the detection of the infection and prevention of it’s spread. Despite global efforts to contain the disease spread, the outbreak is still on the rise because of the community spread pattern of this infection. Earlier the mode of transmission of the virus was seen in animal to person but now the transmission is from person to person through respiratory droplet infection the confirmed case is seen in many countries and are increasing day by day Fever, cough and cold, difficulty in breathing, tiredness can be seen in the patients suffering. The virus is affecting our health, economy, social life. Till the time we don’t have any medication at least we should try to prevent the spread of the virus. The points which can help in the prevention of the spread of the virus in the community are maintaining of hand sanitation, social distancing, Avoiding person to person contact and Quarantine. Increase in a number of testing, detecting COVID-19 positive patients will also help to reduce the spread of virus and secondary cases with strict quarantine rules.


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