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At times when we are faced with uncertainty, fear of the unknown, anxiety about a new disease, and what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions, not just in adults but in children as well. Necessary government guidelines, such as social distancing, can make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety. Though these actions are necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, healthily coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. This prospective study is aimed to assess the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on mental health and to investigate how the community can remain happy. The one thing which is spreading faster than the infectious disease during the pandemic is the negative energy, with total confirmed cases touching 1 crore, millions of people losing their jobs, and many losing their beloved ones. Awareness regarding mental health is a must. During this phase, there is extremely minimal knowledge about the impact of such epidemics on community mental health. This gap in knowledge means we are less prepared, critically ill-equipped to support communities as we face unprecedented times. In situations like these, all of us have to come forward. It is our responsibility how we handle this, our include both the government and each and every citizen of the country.


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Raj Laddha. (2020). Covid 19’s Effect on Mental Health. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1885-1889.