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Airborne infections are such type of infections which are caused by pathogens that can be transmitted by air over time and distance by small particles. These pathogens may be viruses, bacteria or fungi that can spread through sneezing, breathing, talking etc. In our surroundings, there are millions and tons of such pathogens that are responsible for spreading such airborne infections. In Ayurveda, this airborne infections are correlated with Aupsargikarogaswhich spreads very easily in society. In current days the world is facing suchAupsargik Rogawhich is known as COVID 19 and which is a Pandemic disease. This Aupsargikarogas  can sometimes prove fatal if they are not treated at a proper time or if proper prevention against this rogas is not taken. The organisms which are responsible for these airborne infections are opportunistic, as they attack such individuals who are with low immunity. So that these organisms can grow easily inside the individual's body without any type of disturbances can finally cause fatal disease. The whole world is suffering from this pandemic and there is a need to prevent the world from this pandemic disease. The most classical, authentic and best way to prevent from transmission according to Ayurveda isDhupan karma which is correlated with fumigation or sterilization. For this Karma, there are many such Dhupan dravyas  which are explained by Acharyasin Samhitas.


Air Borne Aupsargikarogas COVID19 DhupanKarma( fumigation ) DhupanDravyas Pandemic

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Kamini Rotke, & Punam Gaurav Sawarkar. (2020). Concept Of Dhupana – A Preventative Approach In Ayurveda For Air Borne Infection. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1622-1626.