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Alveoloplasty is one of the common pre-prosthetic surgical procedure carried out in dental surgical practice setups. A. T. Willard in 1853 advocated reduction of the alveolar ridge to bring about the complete proximity of soft tissues over the alveolus. Sir O. T. Dean first proposed “Intra-septal alveoloplasty” in the American Dental Association journal in 1936 so, named as Dean's alveoloplasty. The objective of Pre-prosthetic surgeries provide adequate bony tissue support for the placement of complete dentures. the characteristics of ideal denture base are adequate bony support with proper soft tissue coverage, no undercuts, no sharp ridges. Preprosthetic surgical treatment must begin with a thorough history and physical examination of the patient. The aim of the alveoloplasty procedure is used for recontouring of bony irregularities at the time of extractions or after initial healing. This case report illustrates case of a 71 year old healthy male. On examination who revealed irregular bony spicules on the edentulous ridge. After complete evaluation, alveoloplasty procedure was performed to smoothen the ridge. Proper diagnosis of the condition of edentulous ridges are important for successful fabrication of complete dentures. Every effort should be made to ensure that both the hard and soft tissues are developed in a form that will enhance the patient's ability to wear a denture.


Alveoloplasty Recontouring Pre-prosthetic Bony spicules

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Diksha Agrawal, Priyanka Jaiswal, Prasad Dhadse, & Kashish Mangal. (2020). Alveoloplasty: A Case Report of Recontouring The Alveolar Process. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 1067-1070.