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In the current era, COVID-19 emerges as a pandemic which is caused by a . Every corner of this world has now witnessed “COVID-19” cases and the positive cases have crossed almost 50 till now. Patients who are suffering from novel disease (COVID-19) had experienced lots of abnormalities in multiple internal organs such as abnormal pulmonary function, liver injury, kidney damage. Liver dysfunction requires dedicated works-up and surveillance should be done in a continuous manner. It depends upon multiple factors and is heterogeneous in nature. In the theme of COVID-19, physicians now have to decide that, the damages in the liver is to any previous liver disorder or medications used to treat COVID-19 or maybe the virology effect. studies suggest various hypothesis on the potential mechanisms of liver damage in such kind of patients. The literature summarizes recent theory based on the evidence in relation to the liver complications in novel disease 2019, allocates a gross scenario of the available case series and proposes recommendations for clinicians.


Covid- 19 Liver dysfunction Pandemic

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Pooja Agrawal, & Anendd Jadhav. (2020). Liver Damage In COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1773-1776.