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After the rise of the Coronavirus infection from the country of China in the year-end of 2019, brought about by the Novel Coronavirus, a total of approximately 45 million cases all around the world with deaths of more than 1.17 million individuals and 29.8 million recoveries. The SARS-COV2, also known as the coronavirus, usually presents as an asymptomatic carrier state with respiratory illness and pneumonia-like symptoms. Grown-ups speak to the populace with the largest rate of infection; in any case, youngsters, kids, and old patients can likewise be affected by the virus. The most widely seen abnormality on chest x-ray amongst individuals with lung infection was ground-glass opacity, with B/L findings. Serious cases are bound to be found in patients with other illnesses contrasted with other non-serious cases. In reality, age and illness seriousness might be corresponded with the results of the coronavirus disease. Until this point, viable treatment is missing; notwithstanding, clinical preliminaries researching the viability of a few drugs, including remdesivir and chloroquine, are in progress. Right now, viable contamination control poses the best method to forestall the outbreak of the virus.


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