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Under the agony of this recent pandemic going on, in the world due to Covid-19; there has been loss of millions of human lives along with huge economical shock and great recession through out the globe. Environmental degradation has been one of the biggest threats of this century. In spite of all the steps taken by environmentalists and government for the healing of environment in past few years, we couldn’t reach upto the mark. But during the lockdown, which was forced as a precautionary measure for Covid-19 pandemic, environment has successfully recovered to a large extent which was otherwise not possible. This has definitely brought a positive change in climate globally. This review article deals with various such positive impacts of lockdown on ecosystem. Covid-19 outbreak has restricted the social freedom of people globally. It has caused both positive and negative effects on environment. Reduction in greenhouse gas emission because of reduced transport facilities and industrial and other activities were some of positive effects of lockdown while negative effects on mental health of people and increased medical waste during the lockdown were some of the negative effects of lockdown. In this study, the relationship between Covid-19 outbreak and effects on environment was discussed in worldwide sense and a detailed review was conducted that could be used for further planning of researches on the same subject.


COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on the ecosystem Greenhouse Gases Lockdown policies

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Rashi Parashar. (2020). Positive Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Environment. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1755-1761.