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Since December 2019 COVID-19 pandemic have affected the whole world and due to this, there is a rapid increase in demand of health care system of global communities. Coronavirus, so called COVID-19, is causing a flu-like common cold and many people come back to normal healthy life without any side effects. While in other case, people who have survived mild covid-19 infections are facing health issues while carrying the symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, muscle pain, neurocognitive problems, metabolic disruption that are lasting for more than weeks or months which makes people’s recovery prolonged due to weak antibody response. It is not well-defined yet but is still in the infancy stage of research and the term "Long-haulers" is used to differentiate individuals with the symptoms which may develop or persist after the initial infection with pathogenesis and an indefinite duration as it manifests itself in different variant which makes it difficult for a single treatment approach. Side effects are as notably heterogeneous as found in acute COVID-19 and might be steady, change, or show up and be supplanted by symptoms identifying with different frequency. "Long hauler," is a person who tested negative experiences the same set of symptoms long after recovery from covid-19. Numerous people with long-COVID will be overseen in essential consideration, others will require more attention from recovery medication specialists.


Covid-19 Long Haulers Chronic SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus

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Sneha Patil, & Rajanikanth K. (2020). The Emergence of Long Haul - continuing typical Covid-19 symptoms long after infection. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1768-1772.