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Corona has been a major cause of psychological, mental health all over affecting billions of people affecting mental abilities creating panic all over the world. China suffered first than this virus spread to more than 180countries. Although it’s a new virus but has caused tremendous mortality, morbidity also affecting the mental health of a person and people are getting more panic which has shown to delay recovery also delay testing due to fear of corona increases the disease severity involving lungs which are a major concern for death among many. Mental health is wealth staying positive in any situation is the key to fight any illness. Moral of a person should be high to defeat such diseases. It has already affected thousands of civilians. Dealing with mental health is a major issue in today’s date as recovery is getting delayed due to mental load taken all over. Happiness is key to tackle and fight any situation of life, be it infection or any other issues. Through this article aiming to tackle corona by creating positivity and spreading awareness that no need to panic but to stay happy taking precautions and keeping once own care .life is precious and depression in life should have no role in it. Together we will win. Ray of hope ray of positivity is all needed in this time. More than 91 lakhs cases in India still chances the second wave may come many have been jobless, many lost their beloved ones all over negative energy is spreading proper concealing, awareness regarding mental health is a must.


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Akshay Shrama, & Sunil Kumar. (2020). Effect on Mental Health Due to COVID 19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1745-1749.