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Presently a Day because of the Covid-19 pandemic circumstance. Numerous individuals are Working From the home. Understudy is additionally going to the online class from home. Due to Covid-19 pandemic circumstance, all physical activities of all individual stop. Because of work from home, online classes, online stage require advanced gadget use for a long time day by day coming about Multifactorial sickness of visual surface, i.e. Screen Vision Syndrome and a great many of individuals experience the ill effects of this infections. In the current way of life, each individual is getting influenced because of radiation might be because of VDT (Video show terminals), PC, T.V, Tablet and portable. Side effects are the most regularly happening medical conditions among VDT clients. The principle visual manifestations revealed by VDT clients incorporate 1) Redness of Eye, 2) Dry eyes, 3) Eye Strain, 4) Burning of Eye, 5) Headache, 6) Itching of Eye, 7) Neck, shoulder, or back agony, 8) Blurred Vision accordingly term the expression "Screen Vision Syndrome"(SVS) In present-day Science there is greasing up medication accessible has not explicit impact for long time impact on SVS .on this premise Ayurveda manages alteration in the way of life which is useful for the person to stay solid in this pandemic circumstance without the impact on there work. In this article, we have to take an audit of the various ayurvedic system and there a method of activity of that treatment. In this article as there is no name ailments CVS except for according to lakshan we can comprehend CVS from Ayuervedic writing. Likewise, avoidance strategy to forestall CVS. In present-day medication no cures aside of oil Eye Drop, advising for reasonable PC use, PC glasses. So the line of treatment is of Netragataroga Chikitsa-, Pindi, Shirodhara Aschotana, Seka, Prakshalana Bidalaka followed by Tarpana &Nasya with Vatapittahara Dravyas can likewise be given. Yogic eye practices loosen up eye muscles to lessen eye fatigue and build the endurance of eye muscles.


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Roshna Sukhdeoji Bhutada. (2020). Computer/Screen vision syndrome it’s management: an Ayurvedic approach Reference Novel Coronavirus-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1560-1565.