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The sheer severity of the spread of the pandemic is being overwhelmed by hospitals and medical centres. Although the public discourse was already dominated by digital technology in healthcare, the onset of Covid-19 was a landmark creation. Telehealth visits will leap to 1 billion visits this year from a previously estimated 36 million for 2020 as over 200 countries try to counter varying degrees of Covid-19 impact. The term AI refers to a variety of instruments utilized for distinguishing designs in the information. Rather than conventional techniques for design recognizable proof, AI instruments depend on Artificial Intelligence consciousness to delineate patterns from a lot of information, would self be able to improve as and when new information opens up and is snappier in achieving these assignments. This audit portrays different procedures of AI that have been utilized in the past in the forecast, identification and the board of irresistible infections, and how these apparatuses are being brought into the fight against COVID-19. Furthermore, we likewise examine their applications in different phases of the pandemic, the preferences, impediments and conceivable pitfalls.


COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Outcome Prediction

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Abhisek Pal, Kiranmai Gudimetla, Riyazuddin Md Y, & Akkalakshmi M. (2020). Digital technology in management of Covid-19: A new ray to healthcare. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1426-1436.