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COVID is a highly contagious viral disease that has caused massive outbreaks throughout the world causing a pandemic. The need to curtail its spread is quite evident in the numbers itself, with over 10.5 million cases worldwide as of today. The healthcare professionals face a multitude of problems in a scenario like this and their protection is of utmost importance. This unprecedented scenario requires them to form new habits that ensure their safety and therefore it is of great importance that information regarding personal safety be reviewed from time to time as knowledge takes time and repetition to get converted into actions and even more so to get converted to habit. A lot of misconceptions also exist regarding the equipment and practices that need to be implemented that require clarification. This article reviews strategies to be used by the healthcare workers and the hospital to tackle cases effectively, provide appropriate care and at the same time ensure their own safety and safety of all other personnel at the hospital as well as patients. An important aspect covered here is personal protective. Information regarding the equipment, it’s uses, and protocols are explored with the aim of strengthening the knowledge base of the healthcare force and to reinforce precautionary measures to be taken during these tough times. 


COVID prevention Personal Protective Equipment

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Chinmay Mahatme. (2020). Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1420-1425.