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In this 21st century, the whole globe is facing the pandemic of Covid- 19. This infectious disease has extended its clutches over all the nations. This is a novel virus, which has no any definite treatment modality till date. Many nations have implemented Lockdown measures, to prevent and cut down the chain of spread of this infectious pandemic. On one hand, the medical fraternity is fighting with this disease and on the other hand, the scientists are tirelessly involved in the development of a definitive medicine or vaccination for the disease. The whole world is following the golden principle of "Handwashing, Wearing masks and social distancing "to prevent the spread of the disease. This is the time when the whole humanity is thriving hard to improve the overall immunity to safeguard them from this Pandemic. This article is focussing on an overall view of the pandemic – Covid-19, its origin, its manifestations, precautionary measures, treatment modalities used and preventive measures. Thus a wave of awareness can be generated among the common man regarding this global Pandemic.


Fighting Covid-19 Community Strength Challenges of Community Infectious Pandemic

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Nayana Rathod, & Pradnya Dandekar. (2020). Fighting Covid-19 Strength and Challenges of Community. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1416-1419.