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The COVID-19 is an utmost challenge to the health care profession. The medical professionals and system and has recommended different reaction and sorts of solutions found all over the world. As the dental health care professionals deal directly with the oral cavity, their responsibility in avoiding the spread of COVID-19 proves significant. All the usual dental treatment and procedures put on hold into countries which come across COVID-19. During this pandemic, there is a need for planned crucial care which might be delivered by dental professional and auxiliary they should be provided with proper PPE on priority. Dental health care professionals should also be trained to contribute to health care. Quick re-organization of significant health care support is not simple. Dental health care professionals have an ethical duty to lessen the fear of spreading COVID-19 for routine care in dental patients. But they were and are worried concerning the monetary issues. The huge data is online accessible and over societal media, but still, it is hard to recognize research confirmation and supervision; however, ethical conclusions should be made.


Covid 19 Dentistry Infection Control Treatment Planning Radiologic Features

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Pooja D Dhole, Vidya K Lohe, Ravindra P Kadu, Swapnil C Mohod, Mrunal Meshram, & Gaurav A Thakare. (2020). Post COVID- 19 protocol of treatment, radiologic examination and infection control in dentistry. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1384-1389.