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The greatness of Ayurveda medicine is that it works on your immune system and helps to build up the body to fight against viral invasions. It is the safest, economical and natural way of self-healing. It can quickly spread among masses from rich to poor all over the country. Ayurveda has been dealing with plenty of herbs for a very long time. These herbs include some rare to prevalent herbs which we can found some in the kitchen even though if that is of any commoners. The concern is that these viral infections are very prone to attack weak immunity and take the chance to affect the country to the globe. So the prevalent herbs of Ayurveda available in the kitchen will always be helpful to get through this viral invasion. These herbs are always there to make tasty food as well as to protect the body from infectious diseases by building the immunity strong. Herbs from the kitchen are not complicated to take as a medicine. Regular use of a few herbs in the straightforward form proves its importance as a medicine. In this article a review of herbs is done which we are available in our kitchen, we are using it in our daily life, and we are getting the benefit of these which a common man might not be fully aware of about. 


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Kanyaka Bagde, Bharat Rathi, Renu Rathi, Prem Badwaik, & Swapnali Khabde. (2020). Role of Common Kitchen Remedies in Prevention of Infectious Diseases with a particular perspective of Covid-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1378-1383.