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There have been so many pandemics since human civilization. COVID-19 is currently causing a world pandemic, and the pandemic related crises have caused enormous negative impacts on both wealth and health globally. Ayurveda, an ancient medical treatise of human civilization, describes some basic principles as tenets of Pandemics in the name of its causes, the effect on human's health and its management which are same as contemporary science. There is no specific text as epidemiology in Ayurveda, but according to contemporary theories of epidemiology the principles described in it can be compiled, analyzed, and interpreted. Internet-based search engines revealed that there is very little work done in the field of Ayurveda for epidemiology. Hence, an attempt has been made to analyze basic principles of Ayurveda and epidemiology which can cause pandemics and thus interpret their contemporary significance.  This article will also explore the literature for the basic concepts and history of pandemics in the light of Ayurveda and contemporary sciences.


COVID-19 Ayurveda Epidemiology Pandemic Janpadodhwans Etiology

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Meenakshi Jaiswal, Anita Wanjari, Bharat Rathi, Mujahid Khan, & Dhirajsingh Rajput. (2020). A Review on Etiology of Janpadodhwans (pandemic) according to Ayurveda and contemporary sciences with special reference to COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1374-1377.