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COVID-19 which has been declared as pandemic by WHO has harsh impact globally. No treatment protocol has been mentioned yet; main public advice mainly focuses on frequently hand hygiene and social distancing. This concept is mentioned by Acharya Charaka in Janapadodhwansa. Of Rasayana is based upon the immunomodulation. It boosts up the immunity and help to keep the body and mind in the best of its health. Rasayandravya has been first line of defence for Janapadodhwansa (Epidemic Condition). Dhatusarata, balanced state of dosha, health of srotas and agni must be maintained with proper diet and regimen to maintain immunity. This article aims to provide information about the role of Rasayanadravyas (Gudhuchi, Amalaki and Haridra) which can be in cooperated in day to day life and act as immune modulators. Bala is leading factor of all dhatus and its capacity to perform physical work. Physical strength depends on kaphadosha and high-quality dhatus. As ojas is essence of all dhatus, bala ultimately depends on ojas. Modern immunity matches with AyurvedicVyadhiksamata. Capacity to prevents the spread of diseases in the body and capacity of body of blocking the diseases in its primary stage is called as immunity. Ayurveda are significantly helpful in strengthening the immune system and thereby offers a natural way for the prevention of pandemic diseases.


COVID-19 Ayurved Oja Vyadhikshamatwa (Immunity): Rasayan

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Jagruti N Chaple. (2020). Ayurveda and Vyadhikshamatwa (Immunity) During Covid 19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1351-1355.