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Chyavanprash a known Ayurvedic formulation formulated by sage Chyavan to impart youth, charm, strength & prolonged life. It is very much valued for possessing numerous health benefits with respect to the preventive, curative and promotive aspects of health. Chyavanprash can be consumed throughout the year. Several scientific evidences support its wholesome and safe healthy tonic status that is favorable for all age groups and genders alike. In modern days, it has gained mammoth popularity throughout the world. CP is prepared with Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) as a prime drug with other nutrient rich herbs help to preserve stamina, strength and vitality. Various pre clinical (in vivo & in vitro), Experimental, Analytical and clinical studies conducted on CP and its individual components revealed its various pharmacological activities most of which are suggestive of immunity enhancer and health supplements. Hence an attempt is made in the present paper to find out and explore the scientific evidences based on therapeutic potential of CP with respect to immunity and health supplements and make evidences available to the common people to combat the COVID-19 menace effectively.


Chyavanprash immunity health supplements COVID-19

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Bharat Rathi, Renu Rathi, Vinod Ade, & Akshay Pargaonkar. (2020). Chyavanprash: Choice of Drug for immunity boosting and health supplements during COVID -19 pandemic. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1346-1350.