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Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)- the 2019-2020 pandemic, has augmented all over the globe. This virus is accountable for millions of infections and hundreds of deaths in people. It is dependent on humans for its transmission as the virus cannot spread on its own and survives only on contaminated surfaces for a definite period. The mortality rate scales low, but it harms the social, economic and psychological well being of people. There is mass hysteria about this disease in the society, leading to the outbreak of misinformation, misconception and rumours. Such false beliefs regarding this virus can worsen the effects of this disease. People believing these conspiracy theories have trust issues with the healthcare professionals, thus, making them disoblige the medical advice. In this moment of crisis, it is essential to dissect these conspiracy theories and have a fact check regarding all the aspects surrounding the disease. Otherwise, these myths will be an obstacle in the fight against COVID-19. In this paper, we have tried to resolve these myths through fact findings.


COVID-19 conspiracy theory myths facts

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Swapnil Mohod, Siddhi Shirish Nemade, Yash Santosh Goenka, Shreya Neeraj Jain, Shraddha Aditya Patel, & Kumar Gaurav Chhabra. (2020). COVID-19: A systematic approach to solve the dilemma. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1334-1338.