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Currently the world is dealing with the infection of COVID-19 which has recently been declared as Pandemic by WHO. The quick spread everywhere throughout the world has raised worries about the chance of transmission of the infection from individual to individual. The present study is aimed to review the information available about COVID19 and similar diseases in Ayurveda literature such asCharakaSamhita, SushrutaSamhita, AshtangaHrudayaandvarious research studies related to the topic.Ayurveda an antiquated clinical science has unmistakably depicted Aupsargikarogas (Communicable diseases), their mode of transmission, cause, cure and prevention too.Janapadodhwamsa,  thediseases which affect a major part of population and itsfour causative factors such as pollution of Vayu(Air) and Jala (Water) along with the changes inKala(Time) andDesha(Region)explained in Ayurveda. With respect to treatment, Ayurveda advocates prevention as the first step and then cure of diseases, through Nidana Parivarjana (Avoidance of causes),Shodhan (Bio purification) and Shaman(Curative and Palliative care). With the help of Panchakarma (Five bio purificatory therapies)and Rasayana (Rejuvenation therapy), these diseases can be prevented well. Ayurveda can be helpful to reduce the morbidity and mortality.The current review portrays how Ayurveda can assist with combatting the developing challenges of communicable infections.


AaupsargikaRoga COVID19 Janapadodhwamsa Panchkarma Rasayana

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Nikita Deulkar, Jyothy K B, & Pavan Morey. (2020). Concept of airborne infectious diseases in Ayurveda. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1292-1297.