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Ayurveda – the nectar of ancient disease curing system exists since Vedic period s full of heritage and ts antiquity s well-known. Ayurveda s deals with cure and maintain health through its remarkable potency, viral infections are liable for many illnesses, and up to date, outbreaks have raised public health concerns. Despite the supply of the many antiviral drugs, they're often unsuccessful thanks to the generation of viral mutants and fewer effective against their target virus. Identifying novel antiviral drugs is therefore of critical importance, and natural products are a superb source for such discoveries. Viruses pose a worldwide threat and add severe medical and social problems to humanity. They are the main contributors in many minor and major outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics worldwide like Swine Influenza, Avian Influenza, and Dengue fever. Even though various types of treatment methods are available to cure viral diseases, like chemotherapy, but owing to their potential for mutation and emergence of new strains and developing resistance towards drugs, Viruses are evolving fast. This necessitates the look for new antiviral compounds that are stiffer and effective against viruses with no or less adverse side effects the concept and treatment line must be going through the Ayurved. Some Home Remedies such as Eat Guduchi or Tulsi daily can increase your immunity. Drinking Turmeric milk is suitable for the upkeep of health. Taking Ashwagandha is one of another herb for fighting with such conditions. Eating 1-2 leaves of Neem also can work well within the prevention of viral infections.


Ayurved COVID 19 Virus Pathology Janapadadwamsa

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Laxmikant Lokhande, & Bhushan Mhaiskar. (2020). Janapadadwamsa, Aupsargik roga and COVID-19 correlation and an approach to epidemics Ayurved current scenario. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1286-1291.