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Breast cancer survivors faced challenges even during before COVID-19 era. During the pandemic era of COVID-19, breast cancer survivors represent a vulnerable population to various health problems, Psych-social disturbances and long term morbid consequences. The Indian Health care system is not fully prepared to deliver appropriate and quality care to non-COVID patients. The structural barriers to care are results in a pitiable condition, particularly for survivors living in rural areas. We reviewed the literature on cancer survivorship, Indian resources available and the challenges faced by breast cancer survivors. The current guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOP), Health care policies by Indian central government, state public health departments, non-government organisations, cancer treatment and research centres were analysed by data abstraction sheet. Multiple health governing agencies displayed general recommendations to modify the delivery of health care to minimise patient exposure to the virus. Minimal and limited health care resources are available for Breast Cancer survivors. As this pandemic continues the scientific evidence are expected regarding more specific recommendations and guidelines for survivorship care. Immediate efforts are required for addressing the needs of breast cancer survivors at present the development and implementation of policies for survivorship care. It is essential to implement interventions and policy for breast cancer survivors to mitigate the effects of this pandemic.


Breast cancer survivors COVID-19 Breast cancer support group physical and psychosocial challenges Breast cancer Survivorship care health care resources

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Sandeep Babasaheb Shinde, & Sanjaykumar Patil. (2020). Challenges and Opportunities for Breast Cancer Survivorship Care in India during Covid-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1190-1197.