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Human history is observing a very horrible and strange situation fighting a very small enemy. The Novel COVID-19 corona virus. On 11 feb 2020 world health organization has declared a name for covid disorder and has said covid as a global public health diease and also as a pandemic due to its worldwide spread. It started as an outbreak in december with its birth place in wuhan people of china has came out as a global public health exigency of worldwide trouble. Corona virus are the group of virus with non segmented, single stranded and positive sence RNA genome. In this narrative review article, reference was taken from different article published in various database. Maximum article including the information of pregnancy and covid-19 were reviewed. A review of 11article with world health organization site information it is found that the symptoms of corona virus disease in non-pregnant occurred indistinguishable to that of gravid mother. There is no information regarding perinatal transmission in parturiency. It has been disclosed that corona virus can cause distress in gravid mother, miscarriage and also fetal distress. In general due to lack of relevant information regarding the effect of corona virus disease on gravidity it is obligatory to have more and more studies in this area.


covid-19 pregnancy pandemic respiratory distress vertical transmission

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Shruti Sadavarte, & Bhagyashri Vijay Chaudhari. (2020). COVID – 19 and Gravid Mothers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1171-1174.