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In the middle of the current coronavirus epidemic, it has become essential to be concerned about health. In conjunction with following the essential guidelines of social distancing and hand washing, it is advisable to look after the body's self-defence mechanism and resistance. The coronavirus, which is desolating the world, can affect anyone. Still, elderly citizens with pre-existing conditions like cardiac troubles, diabetes, asthma, and other cardiovascular diseases are actually at greater risk on the rise of severe, sometimes life-threatening symptoms. The majority of healthy people heal from the coronavirus rapidly after a few days of rest. People, who are with compromised immune systems, go down underneath the high-risk category. But if someone diagnosed in this group, there is no need to fear, as this risk can be alleviated by good and correct nutrition, strengthening the immune system, and ensuring correct safety measures to stay away from getting infected with the virus in the first place. The Ministry of AYUSH has released a listing of Ayurveda accepted practices to help out to improve immunity, particularly for the duration of the present times. Ayurveda information is derived on daily basis regimens or seasonal regimens. In this review, we summarise the ayurvedic practices and other measures that are reported helpful against the prevention of COVID 19. Considering this, an attempt has been made to screen classical literature for the remedies which can be used in Protection against COVID-19.


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Raksha Kanoje, & Akshay Pargaonkar. (2020). Home Remedies for the Elderly in the direction of Protection against COVID-19: An Ayurveda perspective. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1167-1170.