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As we all know that lockdown has been announced in the county due to coronavirus which has obstructed students in their studies. In today’s highly competitive world, students face various academic problems including exam stress, disinterest in attending classes, and the inability to understand a subject. Academic stress is becoming increasingly common and widespread among adolescents. This study investigated the academic stress and stress coping strategies on impact of COVID 19 lockdown experienced by the students at University. The sample was drawn through convenient sampling technique and consisted of 250 adolescents studying in the selected colleges at Kattankulathur. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics, correlation. Results showed that the correlation value -0.167 is highly significant since the p-value is less than 0.01 hence, we can say that there is a highly significant negative correlation between Academic Stress and Coping Strategies”. This study concludes that, if the academic stress score increases then the coping strategy score will be decreasing and vice versa.


Academic stress stress coping style nursing student impact lockdown

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Ramyarathidevi M, Ushapriya Mathiazhakan, Tamilselvi S, Priya V, Arifa Bee S, & Kanniammal C. (2020). Assessment of level of academic stress and stress coping style on impact of lockdown COVID 19 among nursing students at SRM college of Nursing, Chengalpattu (dt). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1156-1162.