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Ayurved is a holistic science which mainly emphasizes on the preventive aspect of diseases and ill- health. The concept of communicable disease is mentioned under the concept of “Janapadhodhwamsa”. Rasayan therapy plays a very key role in the prevention of communicable diseases. An attempt has been made to establish a co- relation between the Ayurvedic concept and the current most prevelant communicable diseases and their categorization under the pranavaha srotas, Annavaha srotas, Udakvaha srotas, Rasa and Raktavaha srotas. In the present scenario, increased urbanization and modified lifestyle has led to derangement of agni. This deranged agni has led to compromised immunity, which itself serves as a cause and provoking factor for many infectious diseases. In today’s context, the whole world is facing the communicable and infectious pandemic, termed Covid-19. No any specific treatment modality is been established till date. In the view of lack of any treatment modality and vaccine availability, focus is been given on enhancing the immunity and maintaining good health status is been laid .By maintaining good immunity and health, we can protect ourselves from this infectious disease and also prognosis of the patients will also be good, who are with co- morbid conditions. Thus now emphasis is laid to improve the immunity by techniques such as Rasayan Chikitsa.


Holistic infectious diseases Janapadhodhwamsa Rasayan therapy

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Shanti Manyala, & Shweta Parwe. (2020). Efficacy of Rasayan in the Prevention of Communicable diseases (Janapadhodhwamsa). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1134-1138.