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Coronavirus disease (CoViD-19) is an infection of the respiratory system caused due to various viruses affects the respiratory pathway, and it can spread from one person to another by coughing, sneezing or physical contact. Commonly include cough, cold, fever are the symptoms. Viral diseases increase worldwide concern, including emerging and chronic viruses. The invention of new anti-viral drugs from plants has implicit in the past. The Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) caused due to severe acute respiratory syndrome, which is a transmittable and pathogenic viral infection. Several traditional medicines of plant origin having antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties some have been studied for their anti-viral properties and immune-modulating effects. Herbal drugs are now in massive requirement in the developing countries for primary health care not because of their economical but also for better civilising adequacy, improved compatibility with the human body and significantly fewer side effects. This review gives an overview of some critical traditionally used medicinal herbs with anti-viral properties—the literature regarding the drugs of this group, collected from Ayurveda classics. Research articles are collected from published material and discussed per therapeutic actions. Most of the Herbs are with Katu Rasa (pungent) and Ushna Virya (hot potency). They are indicated in diseases, viz. Kasa (cough), Shwas (asthma), Krumi (worm/ infection). Krumihara property drugs which are correlated with anti-viral action helps to prevent against Novel coronavirus infection.


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Pooja P. Thakre, Vinod Ade, & Shweta Parwe. (2020). Review on Efficacy of Herbal Antiviral Drugs against COVID-19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1116-1121.