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The COVID 19 pandemic had disrupted the lives of all socio-economic groups of the global population. The lockdowns, social distancing, financial adversities, continuous fear of being a victim to the virus had left every individual desperate with a feeling of vulnerability. Irrespective of all possible efforts at the global level, no ultimate solution to get rid of this virus is available till date except for the preventive measures. Various medicines and formulations are into practice, which may boost one’s immunity to fight against the virus. This catastrophic scenario had resulted in an impact on the human being in all aspects, physical, mental, emotional, social and behavioural. Ayurveda, the science of life has encompassed all these aspects through its preventive and curative principles. Aacharrasayana, code of conduct or behavioural discipline is one such modality that entails perfect mental, physical, social and spiritual health of the human being. The execution of Aacharrasayana in this situation can immensely contribute in restoring mental, spiritual and social health. This review aims to interpret the implementation of various aspects of Aacharrasayanain context of COVID 19 and its utility in combatting the dreadful crisis.


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Priti Desai, Anita Wanjari, & Deepali Giri. (2020). Comprehending and Executing Aacharrasayana in the context of COVID 19. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1099-1104.