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The world for every human has changed in the past few months, with one single reason for all- nCOVID-19. Coronavirus had left a significant impact on our life as an individual and as a nation. Every sector in the country is affected, and every situation deemed changed from the previous one. Post-Covid is a new era in itself. This pandemic had helped us to show our inefficiencies in different sectors and profession, including healthcare facilities. Change in the healthcare facility has to be focused. Indian health care facility is based on private care, whereas the pandemic requires public health care approach. The focus needs to be shifted from personal care to community-based care. The annual budget for health welfare is 1-2 per cent of the GDP, which in the future should be increased. More investment, more funds, and more number of doctors can help to combat with such crises efficiently. India has poor infection control standards and policies. Strict infection control measures, standard equipment and training of the paramedics and other healthcare workers are the areas that we can improve. This article highlights the lessons our healthcare facility can learn from this coronavirus pandemic and changes that await for our healthcare system.


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Rathi Saurabh D, Nikhade P, Motwani N, Baror S, & Jaiswal A. (2020). Coronavirus Pandemic- The real lessons are learnt in the time of crises. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1011-1014.