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Limiting the spread of coronavirus requires individual, social and international efforts. Even though the virus is highly contagious, simple measures like hand washing with Soap for 20 seconds or with alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer kills the virus. Masks act as a barrier to prevent inhalation of droplets. Similarly, gloves are also protective barriers, and these gears are called Personal Protective Equipment's (PPE). Though personal protection is essential, it is not enough. Hence, others measures are required like social distancing, quarantine facilities, prohibiting international as well as Local travelling, mandatory screening of suspected cases and screening those who have a recent travel history from a corona affected region. With the countries trying hard to recover the loss from the pandemic, The Schools, Colleges, Malls, Theatres, Religious places and all the places where mass gathering occurs are shut down. According to the 30th of June 2020, almost 10.1 million covid-19 cases are almost 50 thousand deaths. Indians are the Italians of Asia & vice versa & now it's among the countries leading with 2,15,239 cases of active & the number is still increasing. India adopted a multi prolonged surveillance strategy. Nowadays as unlock 1 is being proceeded in India commonly used in India is a Walk-Through disinfectant Tunnel for covid-19 prevention, it has 1% Sodium hypochlorite. From mask to gloves to PPE, all are protective barriers. Other measures: Quarantine, mandatory screening of recent travel history from a corona affected region, with the countries trying hard to recover the loss from the pandemic. Then recently WHO says that pandemic is from over as daily cases hit a record high with the countries trying hard to recover the loss from the pandemic & New Zealand ends and it's COVID free.


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Anam Aiysha Quazi, & Manoj patil. (2020). Measures of Preventing Covid-19 Transmission. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 1000-1007.