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Diseases that is caused by comes under airborne diseases. It can be transmitted through the air. It travels over a particular time and distance in the form of small particles. They may be viruses, bacteria or fungi. It may spread through breathing, talking, sneezing, coughing etc which generate droplets in the air. medicinal fumigation is one of the important faculties in treatment. It is an example of drug delivery through the inhalation route. Due to its advantages like easy administration, potential to penetrate blood brain barrier, higher its effect are more compare to other form. It is used in various ailments and many formulations of fumigation are found in . Reference of can be traced to period and has been rooted in our traditions. Modern researches have also verified its ability as purifyingdisinfecting and sterilizing medium. is said to be extremely effective in preventing as well as curative aspects, yet, there remains an ample scope in this area as its practice is seldom in use. Samhita has mentioned number of formulations and present study is an effort to assess the efficacy of the same.


Disinfectant Fumigation Purification Sterilization

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Ashlesha Gopal Gond, & Roshna Bhutada. (2020). Concept of dhoopana and its role in prevention of air born infection during covid -19 outbreak. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 963-966.