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In a short span, novel corona infection (SARS-CoV-2) has caught worldwide awareness by significantly influencing the everyday existence of people and developed as a general wellbeing crisis. Without a doubt, it demonstrates that exercises gained from the past plagues had insufficient and in this manner left us poorly arranged to manage the difficulties that COVID-19 pandemic is right now presenting. At present, as an overall pandemic, COVID-19 postures critical challenges and likewise driving the entire world to lockdown. Regardless, the disease has arranged humanity in standing up to such flare-ups at present similarly as later on. Individuals' devotion to measuring is influenced by their comprehension, outlook & practices (COP) towards COVID - 19. Right now researched Indian inhabitants toward COVID 19 during the time of 21 Days lockdown, which further extended till 03 May 2020 (total 40 Days lockdown) to control the spread of coronavirus. The author finished a self-created survey. A complete survey comprises of 10 Questions concerning the attributes and avoidance of COVID 19. Outlook and practice of residents towards COVID19 remember a question for sure about winning the fight against COVID 19. Among the study completed, the general paces of the cognizance poll were 90 %. Most of the respondents had a certainty that India can win the fight against Corona Virus. In different calculated regression analysis, the data score (OR: 0.73-0.92, P<0.002) was primarily associated with a lower probability of negative perspectives and preventive towards Corona Virus. Wellbeing training programs planned for getting better COVID-19 information are useful for Indian occupants to embrace hopeful viewpoint and keep up suitable practices. We have done a sound show (thali Banging), light show (lighting diyas), and now hotspots will be thoroughly checked and monitored in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.


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Nitin Girdharwal, & Deepak Kumar. (2020). COVID 19 : Preparedness & Life Learning Lesson from Novel Corona Disease - A Prospective from India (Delhi- NCR). International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 870-879.