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COVID -19 is the most recent pandemic disease that has affected the world's population. We, as health care providers should be more responsible for reducing the transmission of this deadly disease. The aim of the survey was to assess the knowledge and awareness among dental professionals towards COVID -19 and reduce the spread among patients and co-workers. A cross-sectional study was conducted in a sample of 100 dental students by means of a questionnaire, using google forms, results were tabulated and analysed using SPSS. 24.8% prefer and rely on the fact that fever has been the main symptoms of COVID -19 while 32.7% of the respondents prefer on the fact that cough has been the symptoms leading to COVID -19 64% of the dental students are aware on the fact that patients should be checked on their temperature before the consultation. 36.3% of the dental students prefer no checking of temperature before the consultation. The results of the survey showed that some knowledge gaps exist among dental students regarding this very deadly disease and hence is an urgent need for training and conduct complete awareness regarding this deadly disease and control it by essential precautionary methods.


COVID-19 Pandemic disease Dental professionals Consultation Precautionary methods

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Joseph George Kallivayalil, Abilasha R, & Kavitha S. (2020). Knowledge and awareness of Covid -19 symptoms among dental students - A questionnaire based survey. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 816-821.