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The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic—and the social distancing measures that many countries have implemented—have caused disruptions to daily routines. Mental health support and follow-up should be provided even six months after the release from isolation for those individuals with prior vulnerable mental health status. The main aim of the study is to create awareness and knowledge about COVID – 19 and its impact on the mental health of the public. The self-administered design was designed based on awareness. The questionnaire was distributed through google docs link to 100 numbers of the study population who were in lockdown irrespective of age. Methods of representation of each output variable were represented in the pie chart form. The measure that was taken to minimize the sampling bias was that the validity that was checked both internally and externally. The result was statistically analyzed using SPSS software. The participants were explained about the purpose of the study in detail. From the above Survey conducted, 58% of the total 100 participants' mental health being affected due to lockdown imposed due to COVID -19. This COVID 19 has created stress, anxious and nervous situations for 47% of the total participants. Educated people and health professionals are aware of this infection; they take possible preventive measures. They understand the importance of social distancing. So this lockdown is not affecting their mental health.


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Pratheebha C, Gayatri Devi R, & Gifrina Jayaraj. (2020). Knowledge and awareness of Covid 19 and its impact on mental health. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL1), 807-815.